Yemen another country that has also badly got affected by the turmoil & hopes for the peace talks for it in Kuwait

Yemen, another country crying for peace

Yes, that is true that the Yemen is another country after Syria, that is crying for peace and yet the situation is not the ideal one in the country the way it should have been because although the country has turmoil, but not that much worse as it is the case in the Syria, and that also reveals the lack of having the right approach to bring peace and stability in the country by the leaders of the Arab world. If we compare the situation of the Yemen with Syria, so we come across that bringing peace in the country is possible and all the world’s superpowers and the countries of the Arab world, will have to do, is to compel all the stakeholders to get united and resolve their grievances in order to get the country towards the right direction.

The time when the situation got worse more in Yemen

As the situation started getting worse in the country, so that paved a way for the foreign involvement in the country, and that is the point from where the situation started getting worse in the country. Saudi Arabia and many other countries have accused Iran to play a proxy war there and support the Houthi tribe there, which is in a fight against the government of Yemen and in a recent past, the current regime of Yemen, also accused Hezbollah to fight alongside Houthis and we must remember that the Hezbollah also has strong relation with Iran, and that strengthens the allegation on Iran to disturb the country.

Will peace talks in Kuwait bring change in Yemen?

It is the time, which will explain the effectiveness of these peace talks that have been arranged in order to bring peace in the country, but one thing must be appreciated that all the stakeholders of Yemen, aims to bring peace and stability in the country. Peace talks among the Houthis and the government of the Yemen got possible after the Houthis got agreed for participating following proper assurances that the pro-government forces will respect a ceasefire according to the United Nations. According to the delegation of Houthi representatives, they are taking part in the peace talks after the United Nation has assured them about the truce. The United Nation’s brokered talks had been arranged to take place on Monday, but got cancelled as the militants in the country committed the violation of the ceasefire, that took place on April 11. As you come across the hazardous outcomes of the turmoil in Yemen, so you will come across the fact that more than 6,200 people have lost their lives and with that it has also caused a deadly humanitarian crisis. You may differ from it, but it is the fact that the Houthis will have to follow the rules and regulation that are much more important to make these peace talks successful and violating the agreement, will make the situation worse for only Houthis and that means Houthis will have to ensure that they do not commit the violation of ceasefire during the peace talks are taking place in Kuwait.

The message of Kuwait’s foreign Minister

Kuwait’s foreign minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al Sabah, during his opening speech at Bayan Palace, asked the Yemenis to change the war into peace and the backwardness into the development. We must remember that these peace talks consist of the United Nation’s Security Council’s resolution of 2216, which asks the Houthis to withdraw from areas they had seized since 2014 and give back the heavy weapons to the regime of Yemen.