Women on strip searching of female staff by Topbet company

Deparment of Women shocked by Topbet's appalling conduct

The Department of Women (DoW) considers the strip searching of about 40 female staff over the menstruation incident at Topbet as inhumane and a gross violation of human rights.

Therefore the department is aghast to learn that Gladys Radebe, 56, who opened a case of sexual harassment against the Topbet branch manager who ordered the search, had been suspended. This is secondary victimisation of Radebe.

Notwithstanding that the branch manager was suspended and subsequently fired, DoW trusts that the female advocate appointed to investigate the matter will ensure that the matter is thoroughly ventilated, and that the outcome of this internal legal process will result in real and meaningful justice for the victims.

DoW would like to commend Radebe for her courageous stance against the violation of her rights by opening a case of sexual harassment against Topbet.

Source: Government of South Africa