Two arrested for theft of laptops at school

Two suspects aged 18 and 20 years are due to appear at the Bergville Magistrates Court today facing housebreaking and theft charges. They were arrested three days after they allegedly broke into a school at Upper Tugela in Bergville and stole laptops.

It is alleged on 14 January 2019, the principal of a school at Upper Tugela opened a case of burglary after his school was broken into and 18 laptops were taken. Upper Tugela detectives began their investigation and activated their intelligence in the area. Three days later, the police officers followed up information that lead to the recovery of 14 stolen laptops from the school. Two suspects were arrested and charged with burglary.

The team of detectives are still following up information on the four outstanding laptops that were taken from the school. The arrested suspects will be profiled to establish if they are linked to any other burglary cases reported in the Upper Tugela area.

Source: South African Police Service