Tubatse Police continue with community safety campaigns

Tubatse Police under the leadership of Station Commander Brigadier Tlhako, Vispol Commander Col Phetla, Cluster Chaplain Letswalo, Social Crime Co-ordinator Warrant Officer Kgasago, Constable Chauke, Communication Constable Ngwana, CPF Deputy Chairperson, Mrs Maroga,  Mabocha, Moshate, representatives and Community Members attended Crime Awareness Campaign at Mabocha Thabane Primary School on Saturday morning at 09:00.

The Station Commander Brigadier Tlhako led the campaign and Vispol Commander Colonel Phetla addressed the community members on issues relating to the following crime concerns:

* Encouraged the community members to abstain from blocking the road during protests.

* Discouraged the community members not to take the law in their own hands -mob justice, arson but to report crime to the police.

* Report illegal firearms.

*The community members must contact the Police Station when they need help all times.

* Encouraged the community members to abstain from buying stolen property, reject and report stolen goods.

*Encouraged the community members to break the silence on abuse and any criminal activities.

* Encouraged the community members who own cattle to comply with the Animal Identification Act.

* Encouraged the community members to work with the SAPS in the fight against crime.

* Encouraged the community members to report missing person in time, that there is no waiting period to report a missing person.

Warrant Officer Kgasago sensitized the community members about:

* He encouraged the community members to be the eyes and ears for the Police.

*150 people attend the campaign and 250 pamphlets containing crime prevention tips were distributed among community members.

The Community members were provided with the cellphone numbers of the Station Commander Brigadier Tlhako, Vispol Commander Colonel Phetla, Colonel Ngele, Sector Commander Constable Morifi, Social crime co-ordinator Warrant Officer Kgasago and Community Service Centre and were advised to dial 112 as it is free when they need help.

The Community Policing Forum was elected at Mabocha and the representative from Moshate Mr Marebane thanked the team of Station Commander Brigadier Tlhako.


Source: South African Police Service

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