Trio napped for violation of Animal Protection and Meat Safety Act

The Police in Musina outside Makhado have made a major breakthrough for cracking a crime syndicate during a joint operation in the fight against violation of Animals Protection and Meat Safety Act.

The operation was up and running until this morning on 2018-01-09 where three suspects aged between 30 and 40 were arrested for violating the Animals Protection and Meat Safety Act 40 of 2000 which is aimed to provide for measures to promote the following:

* meat safety and the safety of animal products

* to establish and maintain essential national standards in respect of abattoirs operations

* to establish meat safety schemes and to provide for matters connected therewith

During the arrests, the police confiscated the following:

* Three refrigerators containing three goat carcasses and half a cattle

* Two refrigerators containing cattle meat

* Two refrigerators containing 69 goat heads and one cattle carcass

* One cattle

* Three goats

The suspects will appear before the Musina Magistrates' Court soon.

The Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen Nneke Ledwaba has commended these dedicated members and other role players for the excellent job done.

Slaughtering animals was not illegal in itself, but certain standards have to be met. Slaughtering in an official abattoir where everything is done according to rules and regulations and it is humane when done properly by trained people is one issue while doing it in a backyard is another issue that requires men and women in blue to intervene and ensure perpetrators are brought to book". This will also have a direct impact in the fight against incidents of stock theft in the Province, concluded General Ledwaba.

Source: South African Police Service