INVNT.ATOM™ Launches BZAR™ a Patent Pending, Interactive Platform Redefining Virtual Commerce, Immersive Engagement, and Community Building for Brands and Fans

Singapore, Aug. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — INVNT.ATOM™, the digital and Web3 innovation division of [INVNT GROUP] THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT™ introduces BZAR™, the GROUP’s patent-pending, self-funded, content-led digital platform, built exclusively for brands and fans. The now available-to-demo platform enables next-gen collaboration, connection, and co-creation with communities in the virtual world. With BZAR, brands can create custom and immersive experiences tailored precisely to their needs utilizing curated photorealistic environments, proactive immersive commerce, and Web3 integrated features to engage with their consumers, build communities, and drive new commercial opportunities.

Built upon WebGL and WebGPU, our scalable platform features a comprehensive suite of tools that bring brand narratives to life in virtual worlds with features such as multiplayer interaction, real-time communication, and synchronized video streaming. With 29 unique patent claims, BZAR revolutionizes new and existing revenue streams for brands based on their specific strategic needs; while engaging their communities with always-on, custom-curated interactive experiences that amplify storytelling, deepen connections, boost loyalty, drive revenue and capture unparalleled engagement intelligence and data”, said Scott Cullather, President & CEO, [INVNT GROUP] and CEO, INVNT.ATOM.  “[INVNT GROUP] has always been at the forefront of creating compelling and impactful brandstories around the world and we see Web3 and our proprietary virtual platform, BZAR, as a critical component of any successful marketing strategy and the next great frontier of brandstory.”

Key features and Web3 integrations of the BZAR platform include:

  1. Expansive Environments: Real-time rendering (generated by AI) of interactive environments to minimize loading time without sacrificing graphics quality.
  2. Multiplayer Interactions: Communicate seamlessly in real-time with thousands of users to create a vibrant and continuous social atmosphere.
  3. NFT Ticketing: Issuers can offer consumers a secure and transparent way of issuing and managing data collection for their events, whilst recipients can take advantage of unique experiences.
  4. Cross-Platform: Accessible across desktop, tablet, mobile, VR, and mixed reality technologies for a seamless shopping experience across devices and platforms.
  5. Synchronized Video Streaming: Real-time, synchronized video streams on any 3D surface for a fully immersive multimedia experience.
  6. Avatar Creation and Customization: Users can personalize avatars to discover, play, and explore, as well as try on and shop digital products.
  7. Social Integration: Integrating social feeds and community invitations to foster community engagement. Text and voice chat, social media feeds, video calls, and private rooms for friends.
  8. Interactive Actions: Action buttons for users to trigger dynamic events within the 3D environment, enhancing exploration and discovery.
  9. Audio Triggers: Incorporating audio triggers, BZAR elevates sensory immersion, creating a dynamic and engaging sonic landscape.
  10. Marketplace: Connect your virtual commerce experience to your IRL footprint with a digital marketplace that also empowers your community to buy-and-sell.
  11. Mini-games and Private Rooms for Friends: Fostering new communities to amplify engagement, brands can integrate mini-games and private rooms for their fans to collaborate amongst each other through custom interactions, leaderboard integration, and emotes.

BZAR was built for brands to seize on the possibilities enabled by this wave of emerging technologies. BZAR is a canvas for creativity and consumer connection, integrating new technologies such as AI-adapted mechanisms that can generate unimagined virtual worlds and environments,” said Laura Roberts, Managing Director, [INVNT GROUP] APAC.

Brands and organizations interested in discovering the possibilities of virtual commerce can request a demo here.

About BZAR™
BZAR is a patent pending, comprehensive virtual experience platform that integrates immersive storytelling into virtual worlds. BZAR provides the tools brands need to create unique, “always on ” immersive experiences that captivate and engage consumers beyond traditional digital channels. A beacon for brands to enter the metaverse through cutting edge technology, BZAR’s extensive suite of strategic partners include Livewire, AWS, BlockTrust, Polygon, Trident3, and more.  For more information on BZAR’s always-on immersive virtual world, visit:

INVNT.ATOM, part of [INVNT GROUP] THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT™, is an innovation and brand experience agency devoted to helping global brands chart a course, navigate, activate, and create new opportunities at the digital frontier of Web3. Headquartered in Singapore, the collective of strategists, marketers, creators, programmers, matchmakers, and thought leaders, turn strategies into stories and stories into experiences that engage communities on the global stage. For more information about INVNT.ATOM, visit:

[INVNT GROUP] was established as an evolution of the founding global live brand storytelling agency INVNT. Led by President and CEO, Scott Cullather, [INVNT GROUP], THE GLOBAL BRANDSTORY PROJECT™ represents a portfolio of disciplines designed to help forward-thinking organizations innovate and impact audiences everywhere. The GROUP consists of modern brand strategy firm, Folk Hero; creative-led culture consultancy, Meaning; production studio & creative agency, HEVĒ; events for colleges and universities, INVNT Higher Ed; digital innovation division, INVNT.ATOM; creative multimedia experience studio, Hypnogram; and the original live brand storytelling agency, INVNT. For more information visit

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