Minister Mildred Oliphant launches workers month

Minister of Labour launches the May month as Workers month focusing on the National Minimum Wage

The National Minimum Wage Bill and supporting Basic Conditions of Employment and Labour Relations Bills are currently before parliamentary portfolio committee on labour for consideration. The Department of Labour is dedicating the month of May (Workers Month) to the National Minimum Wage which is meant to improve the lives of the workers of South Africa.

The National Minimum Wage is heralded as one of the progressive policy tools that is aimed at addressing wage inequalities and start the journey of strengthening collective bargaining that will lead towards a living wage for working people. The National Minimum Wage (NMW) Bill is supported by the Labour Relations and the Basic Conditions of Employment Bills. The Labour Relations Bill is aimed at also addressing the often long, protracted and violent strikes by proposing clause that will ultimately see labour market stability whist encouraging collective bargaining.

On the other hand the Basic Conditions of Employment Bill is, among other, responsible for setting up the National Minimum Wages Commission which will review the NMW on an annual basis. The BCEA Bill will also beef up monitoring and enforcement of the National Minimum Wage.

The Department of Labour will announce the programme of action for the May month (Workers Month) with a specific theme that will focus on Monitoring, Enforcement and Readiness of the CCMA. The programme, which will be circulated to the media; will be characterized by Imbizos that will take place in various provinces of the country.

The Minster of Labour wishes to discuss these issues as well as the programme of action for the May month (Workers Month).

Source: Government of South Africa