Members of Provincial Corporate Communication wrap up safer schools campaign

Members from Limpopo Provincial Corporate Communication under External Communication, Captain Radzilani Nemavhola and Sergeant Mosima Makgaba joined by members from SAPS Vuwani, Captain Tshipangana, Warrant Officer Mushungwa and CPF member Ms Sadiki, conducted a Safer Schools Campaign at Lwamondo High School, Andries Mugaguli Secondary School and Fhunanani Creche on 2019-01-30 at Lwamondo village.

Lwamondo High School with 1601 learners are facing challenges of drug abuse, gangsterism and bullying. Whereas Andries Mugaguli Secondary School with 206 learners, faces challenges such as the carrying of dangerous weapons, drug abuse and bullying.

During the address of the learners, Captain Nemavhola warned the learners to refrain from bullying, gangsterism and drug abuse.

The member shared the following safety tips:

Break the silence on sexual offences and domestic violence.

Learners to avoid accepting lifts from strangers in order to avoid becoming a victim of crime, e.g Human trafficking, kidnapping, rape and many other crimes.

Learners not to involve themselves with any criminal activity as it can ruin their future.

Learners to focus on their studies for the better future, respect their teacher and encourage them to seek clarity from their teachers whenever they don't understand what they have been taught.

Learners to avoid going to the taverns as it will ruin their future.

After the visit at the school the members proceeded to Fhunanani Creche aiming to build community relations between the youngsters and police.

During the address Sergeant Makgaba emphasised the issue of Sexual Offences by singing the song of "My Body". The kids joined the Sergeant and sang along.

At the end of presentation, members noticed that the mission of building the relationship was achieved when each kid wanted to shake hands of the police members. The Care Takers appreciated the visit from SAPS.

Source: South African Police Service