USAID Launches 50 Million USD Healthcare Project in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, August 25/2023 (ENA) The United States International Development Agency (USAID) has launched a new quality healthcare project to be implemented in Ethiopia over the coming five years with a cost of close to 50 million USD today.

The project will support maternal and child health in 6 regions across the country, reaching 6 million, it was learned.

This work will be complemented by an upcoming project focused on healthcare issues specific to pastoral populations in the other regions of Ethiopia, according to USAID.

The activity will fight 3 of the leading illnesses that threaten Ethiopia’s most vulnerable mothers and babies: neonatal sepsis, postpartum hemorrhage in mothers, and pneumonia in newborns.

During the launching ceremony, Health State Minister Dr. Dereje Duguma said the project will primarily benefit the health of mothers, children and teenagers in the stated regions by reducing mortality and improving the service qualities of health facilities.

Dr. Biniam Fikadu on his part stated that the project is expected to enhance the capacity of health institutions, modernize referral system, and renovate old ones.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency