Water Minister Calls on Scholars to Expose Egypt Fabrications about GERD through Research Outputs

The fabricated narrations of Egypt toward Abbay River and the GERD should be exposed by research outputs, Water and Energy Minister Habtamu Itafa noted.

The minister stressed that scholars and institutions of higher learning need to intensify scientific research activities with a view to ensuring Ethiopia’s right for equitable utilization of Abay River.

Outside the 8th workshop on water, hydro-diplomacy and communication forum that took place today, he told journalists that such forum is a big platform to come together and reverse the distorted information that come from Egypt.

The main purpose of this forum is to exchange experiences between researchers, scientists and career ambassadors in terms of expressing Ethiopia’s stand and water utilization as well as what the experience of other countries looks like.

In addition, Habtamu said it is a forum designed to bring together works that focus on hydrology, diplomacy and communication, and enable the community to discuss issues revolving around the river basin.

The minister pointed out that it is crucial that research outputs be owned by universities.

According to him, the ministry encourages the publication of research outputs on hydro diplomacy in different languages.

Asked about the efforts made in hydro diplomacy vis-a-vis the activities by Egypt, the minister said that the very concept of Ethiopia’s diplomacy is different from Egypt even if Ethiopia has been carrying out various activities in hydro diplomacy.

“They are distorting things, using defamation as weapon and gathering power based on fabrications. On the contrary, we follow diplomacy based on mutual benefits.”

The distorted and fabricated information they use harms Ethiopia and hides the truth, Habtamu stated, stressing that it is therefore necessary to fight these and explain the truth.

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) President, Dereje Engida said on his part that the forum under the theme: “Strong Diplomacy and Communication for Sustainable Water Resources Development” was organized with the aim to exchange views about the GERD and Ethiopia’s water resources, and inform the rest of the world.

He explained that such a forum of higher learning institutions creates opportunity to use the resources of Ethiopia, including the Abbay River, based on research.

“We need to come up with evidence-based researches so that we can provide the necessary information for the international community,” the president underlined.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency