Otjozondjupa rewards best performing schools, teachers and learners

The Otjozondjupa Regional Directorate of Education on Friday recognised 144 teachers, 10 learners and six schools that performed exceptionally well during the 2022 academic year.

The teachers, learners and schools in the region were rewarded for their hard work in Grade 11 and Grade 12 ordinary and higher level exams.

Education Director Josephine Mutenda at the event also rewarded three schools she classified special after they obtained more A* symbols to a C in Grade 11, as well as them obtaining A* symbols to a D symbol in Grade 12.

Most of them earned awards in languages, commerce and technical subjects, followed by those in social science subjects and a handful teachers, schools and learners won in physical science, biology, mathematics and agriculture.

Mutenda rewarded them with trophies, cash ranging between N.dollars 450 and N.dollars 5 000, medals, boxes of printing paper and certificates.

“We are only gathered here for awards, not for blaming anyone, rather we should just motivate them too,” Mutenda said.

Out of the 21 schools with both Grade 11 and Grade 12 in the region, six schools that performed well are Berg-Op Academy, Otjiwarongo Senior Secondary School (SSS), Korab SSS, Edugate Academy, Grootfontein SSS and Karstveld Academy.

Edugate Academy was the overall best performer in both Grade 11 and Grade 12 levels, while Tsumkwe SSS performed the weakest in Otjozondjupa.

Mutenda also rewarded Grootfontein SSS, Donatus SSS, and Otjiwarongo SSS as the government special schools for the regional education directorate due to their consistency in performing well every year.

Otjozondjupa Governor, James Uerikua in a statement which was delivered on his behalf by the Otjozondjupa Chief Regional Officer, Agatha Mweti, said concerted efforts in enhancing quality education for all learners in the region will be celebrated, rewarded and acknowledged each year.

He further urged schools to continue producing more hardworking learners for them to enter university and for the education directorate to also produce more performing schools for the region to have patriotic future leaders.

Otjozondjupa has a total of 90 primary and secondary schools, 1 892 teachers and 56 542 learners in 2023.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency