North West Education confirms delivery of stationery in Ratlou schools

The North West Department of Education wishes to dismisses all the allegations that learners in the Ratlou Local Municipality area are writing on the pieces of papers as alleged by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) television on Tuesday, 24 January 2023.

The department last year ordered textbooks and stationery from the manufacturers. The textbooks and stationery were delivered across the province long before the reopening of schools.

Some schools received 100% of stationery while some had shortages in few grades. Those schools with shortages managed to share with other learners stationery while waiting for the delivery.

The MEC for Education, Viola Motsumi confirmed that delivery of stationery was done in Ratlou Local Municipality schools.

"I really wish to dismiss the allegation of the shortage of stationery in Ratlou Local Municipality schools. On the day the media visited the schools of Ratlou trucks delivering stationery were busy off loading in different schools. We view this move as trying to cause sensation to the public while there is no crises at all. All schools received stationery since late last and delivery is still being done to where there are shortages", said MEC Motsumi.

MEC Motsumi further indicated that some schools had surpluses since 2021 and they were able to distribute to the learners.

The department is continuing to monitor areas were there are shortages and they are addressing them.

Source: Government of South Africa