Mekelle, Aksum, Adigrate, & Raya Universities Making Preparations to Resume Classes

The presidents of Mekele, Aksum, Adigrate, and Raya Universities disclosed that they are making the necessary preparations to restart education.

The conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia has incurred devastating damages in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions. Universities are among the facilities affected due to the conflict.

Following the peace agreement made between the federal government and TPLF, several social services have been restored.

Thanks to the efforts made by the government and other stakeholders, Universities of Wollo, Woldia, and Mekdela Amba have now been rehabilitated and resumed classes.

Similarly, Mekele, Aksum, Adigrate, and Raya Universities have been carrying out the necessary preparations to restart education.

Adigrat University president, Dr. Zaid Negash appreciated the efforts being made by federal government to resume education following the peace agreement.

He stressed the need to accelerating the teaching and learning process and sustaining the peace.

Mekelle University Research and Community Services Vice President Dr. Birhanu Hadush on his part said that in spite of the damages, there are chances that would enable the University to resume education stressing the need to get authorization and required budget from the ministry of education to provide the necessary inputs.

Samara University President, Dr. Mehamed Usman said the damage incurred on the Universities is a big loss for the whole country emphasizing that rehabilitating the institutions and making them ready for service is the responsibility of all Ethiopians.

Addis Ababa University and Government Universities Consultation Forum President, Professor Tassew Woldehanna said a scientific solution supported by knowledge and research is essential ensure sustainable peace and development in the country.

Therefore, it is essential to let students restart their education and strengthen the peaceful teaching and learning process of higher education institutions to produce qualified and competitive graduates, Professor Tassew underscored.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency