Ethiopia Facilitates Evacuation of Citizens of 61 Countries from Sudan through its Border

Tigray Education Bureau announced that regular education has started in six zones of the region.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Interim Administration Bureau Communication Director Dagnew Aytegeb said that preparations were being made to restart education that had been suspended for three years due to the war in northern Ethiopia and COVID.

Following the peace agreement, efforts have been made to return students to classrooms and to provide crash courses in collaboration with Ministry of Education other education institutions as well as stakeholders, he added.

He also mentioned that consultations were held with teachers, parents and other partners about the creation of conducive conditions for post-war education.

Following medium repair works on schools damaged by the war and encouraging parents to send their children to school as well as registration of students in the region during the period from April 26 to May 2, 2023, classes were resumed in six zones, the communication director stated.

According to him, many students are currently attending classes and they are also happy with the good atmosphere created by the peace agreement in the region.

Mentioning that the first semester will end on July 14, 2023, he said schools will be open six days a week, including Saturdays.

Dagnew stated that remedial program will be given to students from kindergarten to 12th grade and emphasis will be placed on key subjects.

He said that the interim administration will next work with the relevant parties to establish temporary schools for the displaced.

Favorable conditions are being created for students displaced by the war to continue their studies in shelter camps with the support of humanitarian organizations and also to study in nearby schools.

He further revealed that the work of clearing explosives and other explosive devices around schools has been completed in 200 schools.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency