Deputy Minister Buti Manamela addresses Veterinary Career Awareness Programme, 28 Sept

The Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Mr Buti Manamela, will address hundreds of high school learners at the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority’s (HWSETA’s) Veterinary Guidance Awareness Campaign Event at Enable Community Hall, in the Hoedspruit area.
In May this year, HWSETA announced the launch of its Veterinary Career Guidance Awareness Campaign aimed at addressing transformation and the critical skills shortage inherent within the South African veterinary sector.
The campaign aims to focus on learners in rural communities who have limited access to resources and tertiary funding. As such, the SETA had identified rural areas in four provinces to host career guidance events for high school learners. This is the final event in the series.

Source: Government of South Africa