Addis Ababa University School of Law Celebrating 60th Anniversary

The Law School of Addis Ababa University, the oldest law school in the country, is celebrating its 60th anniversary and first alumni convention.

Addressing the occasion today, Interim President of Addis Ababa University Samuel Kifle said the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the School of Law is of significant importance at a time when Addis Ababa University granted its autonomy very recently.

The autonomy status is also crucial in accelerating the growth and development of the school in its aspiration to become a preeminent center of excellence for legal education and scholarship in the changing global, regional and national order, he noted.

"I believe the school can attain this aspired preeminence and continue to become the most-sought after center of excellence in legal education by taking advantage of opportunities in its reform activities."

For Samuel, the school can claim its fair share of dividend from the autonomy recently accorded to Addis Ababa University.

There is an opportunity to redefine its organizational structure and reiterate its mission and goals in light of changing realities of the market for law graduates, Samuel noted.

The school can take advantage of its elite status in the country to attract most competent students and cement its position and build a viable revenue base to support its educational and research endeavors, Samuel elaborated.

He underlined that building a strong law school is indispensable in our effort to build a prominent and globally competitive autonomous university.

President of the Federal Supreme Court, Justice Minister, Governor of National Bank of Ethiopia, Dean of College of Law and Governance studies and among others attended the law school anniversary.

Established on 23rd September 1963, Addis Ababa University school of Law is the oldest law school in Ethiopia, pioneering in legal education in both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency