Trade Fair Creates Some 30 Million USD Worth Market Linkage

The three-day Ethio-International Trade Fair held in Addis Ababa has created up to 30 million USD worth of market linkage, the coordinator said.

The Ethio-International 2023 Trade Fair aimed at creating market linkages for local producers took place from 17th May to 19th 2023.

In the trade fair conducted digitally and physically, local manufacturers engaged in agriculture, textile and clothing, renewable energy and electric vehicles as well as tourism sectors have introduced their products to foreign and domestic consumers.

Trade fair coordinator Semhar Tesfaye said that the main purpose of the trade show is to connect local producers with foreign consumers.

Among the market linkages created by the trade fair, linkages in the agricultural sector took the largest share, she added.

Local agricultural producers have created 20 to 30 million USD worth of business linkage with international consumers from Saudi Arabia, USA and other countries, the coordinator stated.

She further stressed the need for infrastructure and other supports to strengthen the market linkages between the producers and domestic as well as international consumers.

Mohammed Osman, a participant from Somaliland told ENA that he is working to make Ethiopian products accessible in Somaliland.

A trade fair like this will expand access to agricultural products and also promote relations between countries, he added.

The trade fair has “promoted Ethiopian agricultural products that are needed in different countries…..I (also) want to witness the local market here and promote Ethiopia’s product to the international market.”

Some 375 companies participated in the Ethio-International Trade Fair.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency