Sacrifice of Defense Forces is Price Paid for Love of Motherland: Scholars

Apart from discharging their professional responsibilities, the sacrifices being made by the members of the defense forces as soldiers is a price they are paying for the love of their motherland, scholars remarked.

Scholars from various disciplines described the sacrifices that are being made by the member of the defense forces to ensuring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia is the price they are paying not only to discharge their responsibilities but it is something rendered out of the love for their country.

Members of the defense and security forces who are paying sacrifices in flesh and blood have been honored on ‘The Day of Sacrifices’ which is marked today Pagumen 2.

A panel discussion devoted to the occasion was staged in the presence of members of the defense and security forces and religious fathers.

Assistant Professor Abebaw Ayalew, one of the scholars who presented papers on the panel discussion noted that members of the defense and security forces have paid sacrifices in their precious lives to ensure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country.

He added that apart from the members of the defense forces, those who are serving in the security and police institutions are paying unreserved sacrifices for the maintenance of peace and security of their country stressing the need to honor them.

Another presenter, Assistant Professor Mihretu Shanko also stated that due respect and honor should be accorded to all members of the security forces who are ensuring the safety and security of their country in hostile and difficult terrains across the country.

Those who are willingly enlisting themselves to serve in the defense and security forces are always facing death and need to be fully honored accordingly.

Major General Endalkachew Woldekidan, Director of the department for psychological nurturing in the National Defense Force said that our forefathers transferred this country for the present generation by paying all the sacrifices required of them.

Member of our defense forces join our armed forces not by devoting only part of their livelihood for their country but by deciding to offer their wholesome life for their country, he said.

He added that a soldier does not own his own life but always gets ready to sacrifice themselves for the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Defense Force State Minister Martha Luiji noted that we can safeguard and ensure the territorial integrity of our country by building strong and well equipped armed forces.

She stressed that we need to accord full recognition to all those members of our defense and security forces who pay immense sacrifices for their country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency