S.Korea Keen to Strengthen Trade, Dev’t Ties with Ethiopia: Ambassador Seokhee

South Korea has been working to further strengthen its exiting development and trade relations with Ethiopia, Ambassador of South Korea in Ethiopia, Kang Seokhee said.

South Korean embassy in Addis Ababa has today announced a logo to depict the 60th anniversary of the commencement of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Korea.

During the occasion, Ambassador Kang Seokhee said the existing historical and diplomatic relations between the two countries has still been sustained.

According to the ambassador, the ties, that had been initiated even before the official commencement of the diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and South Korea, has now spanned more than 70 years.

The sacrifices that Ethiopia had made to the peace and stability of South Korea during the Korean War by sending more than 6,000 soldiers has a great contribution to the current economy development in South Korea, he added.

South Korea has been enjoying bilateral and development cooperation with Ethiopia over the last 60 years, the ambassador indicated.

“South Korea has the largest development cooperation projects in Ethiopia. Some 100 million USD worth of projects are being implemented in Ethiopia annually, which is the largest in Africa. We hope our friend Ethiopia will grow economically and socially.”

The Ambassador stressed the need to identify future vital areas of cooperation that should be implemented by the two countries as they celebrate the 60th anniversary their diplomatic relations.

Ambassador Seokhee pointed out that the exchange of trade is crucial to help the efforts being carried out in Ethiopia to ensure sustainable development.

The 60th anniversary of Ethiopia and South Korea will be celebrated with various programs including photo exhibition and exchange of experiences.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency