President Cyril Ramaphosa engages with representatives of political parties on security and economic concerns

President Cyril Ramaphosa held an engagement today, Thursday, 2 June 2022, with representatives of political parties on concerns raised by political leaders on the security situation in the country and economic difficulties affecting citizens.

The President was joined by the Minister in The Presidency as well as the Ministers of Police, Justice and Correctional Services, and Defence and Military Veterans.

Leaders of political parties represented in Parliament had requested an interaction with the President to discuss security in the country in general; the security apparatus; findings of recent inquiries into components of the security apparatus, as well as the unrest that affected KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng in July 2021; crime and lawlessness in communities, including kidnappings; rising tensions between South Africans and foreign nationals; and cross-border crime.

Political parties appealed to the President for government to attend to and to work with political parties in addressing security-related challenges.

Today’s engagement follows several meetings between the President and representatives of political parties in the past two years on issues of national importance.

The President welcomed today’s engagement with political leaders, given that the security and stability of the country, and the wellbeing of citizens, is a shared concern and responsibility.

The President provided an overview of government’s responses to security challenges, including rebuilding the integrity and capability of law enforcement agencies, the operationalisation of the Border Management Agency and more effective implementation of immigration and labour laws.

The President cautioned against perceptions that link migration to criminality.

The President acknowledged the extent and depth of security challenges, with communities under siege from criminals and gangsters and rampant violence against women and children.

President Ramaphosa said the social and economic conditions in which South Africans lived were at the core of the crime problem in the country, alongside criminal elements keeping communities in fear.

It was therefore vital for the country to proceed with great urgency and purpose to accelerate growth and employment creation.

The President welcomed a call by the political representatives for more frequent and collaborative engagement between political parties and government on key challenges facing the country.

The President welcomed suggestions by political parties on how to strengthen the national efforts to combat crime, corruption and violence.

The President urged political parties represented in Parliament to use their authority to support the national security apparatus in getting the resources and capacity they need.

At the same time, Parliament had to demand accountability to ensure that security structures had the right men and women with the requisite skills and experience at the helm.

Source: Government of South Africa