News: Hawks uncover a counterfeit washing powder manufacturing facility in Springs

PRETORIA –The Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Investigating team together with brand protectors from Spoor & Fisher Attorneys assisted by members of Public Order Policing (POP) from Springs executed a search and seizure disruptive operation in terms of counterfeit goods Act 37 of 1997, at the premises in Selection Park, Springs on Friday, 01 April 2022.

A disruptive search operation was preceded by an in-depth investigations into the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit washing powder at the said premises. Samples of the counterfeit products were purchased whilst the Intellectual Property Rights Section of the Serious Commercial Crime Investigation based at the Hawks head office were carrying out their preliminary investigation along with brand protectors.

The Hawks led team found that the premises was a large scale manufacturing and distribution facility. Huge amount of raw materials including machinery as well as industrial sifting machine, unbranded washing powder along with counterfeit labels bearing well-known trademarks of various proprietors, sodium, filled and empty buckets, electronic scale, colouring and dye were all found and seized for further investigation. The combine value of all the goods seized has not yet been established.

Criminal and civil process are underway against the 42-year-old suspect and he will also be served with J175 summons to appear at Springs Magistrates’ court for contravention of the counterfeit goods Act 37 of1997 once all investigations are concluded.

Source: South African Police Service