New ECB board appointed

Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Kornelia Shilunga, on Wednesday unveiled the new board members of the Electricity Control Board (ECB), who were appointed for a four-year term.

Shilunga said the appointment of the five-member board was in line with Section 5 of the Electricity Act of 2007.

The board is comprised of Evangeline Nailenge as chairperson, deputised by the former vice chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology, Tjama Tjivikua. Other members are Mburumba Appolus, Vincia Cloete and Helen Vosloo.

The deputy minister also called on the board to enforce good corporate governance, adding that it is the codification of sound ethical standards.

“When I say this, I am not directing you to pursue ethical behaviour for its own sake, but because it is a vital plank in nation and industry building. Also, keep in mind that good governance enhances corporate, social and investor confidence. Especially in such a sensitive industry as the electricity industry.

“Without trust, we could incite distrust in our systems and structures, and I am sure that a decline in confidence or trust is something none of us want,” she said.

In addition, Shilunga challenged the board to fulfill the mandate of the ECB with the management by exercising control over the electricity supply industry.

The ECB board’s main responsibility is regulating electricity generation, transmission, distribution, supply, import, and export in Namibia through setting tariffs and issuance of licenses,” she said.

Tjivikua, on his part, told Nampa the board is going to take decisions based on facts.

“We have to make decisions based on facts. We have to take decisions based on emergencies and creating a prosperous industry. So we have to balance the facts,” Tjivikua said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency