MoU Signed with Somaliland Manifestation of Ethiopia’s Desire to Develop Together

The Memorandum of Understanding that Ethiopia signed with Somaliland to secure seaport is a manifestation of the nation's desire to develop together, Transport and Logistics Minister Alemu Sime said. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Muse Bihi Abdi signed the historic MoU in Addis Ababa yesterday. The agreement will enable Ethiopia to lease port and build military base while Somaliland get share from Ethiopian public enterprises. The process of the MoU will be completed within one month and pave the way for implementation, it was learned. Congratulating employees of the ministry and all Ethiopians on the signing of the MoU, the minister said lack of seaport has created many challenges to the logistics sector. Seaport is related to sovereignty, Alemu said, adding that the implementation of the MoU is crucial to alleviating logistics service. According to him, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has played a significant role for the signing of the historic agreement by Ethiopia and Somaliland. As a fast g rowing country, Ethiopia needs to expand its port options that meet its economy, the minister stressed. Alemu reiterated that Ethiopia has no intention of harming any of its neighboring countries, rather it is determined to achieve its strong desire to develop together. Source: Ethiopian News Agency