More than 200 benefit from Ondangwa Town Council debt relief programme

KATIMA MULILO: A total of 213 municipal account holders have benefited from the Ondangwa Town Council’s debt relief programme that began in October 2023.

The 12-month programme is set to conclude in September this year, following the council’s announcement that residents owe a total of N.dollars 85 million in municipal services.

Town council spokesperson Petrina Shitalangaho-Mutikisha told Nampa the incentives provided relief to many residents. According to Shitalangaho-Mutikisha, the council passed a resolution last year to waive full interest (100 per cent) on all accounts with debt to enable consumers to settle their debts.

So far, 213 account holders have benefited from this initiative, with N.dollars 66 5146.46 in interest written off.

‘The council’s debts have increased rapidly due to the economic downturn coupled with the severe effects of Covid-19,’ she said.

Shitalangaho-Mutikisha added that the council acknowledges the impact of job losses, business closures, and employee retrenchment on househ
olds’ disposable incomes, purchasing power and, consequently, residents’ ability to pay their municipal services in full.

She said the programme is ongoing and applicable to all account holders classified as domestic (residential), commercial (business and industrial), non-profit organisations, community-based organisations, churches, and private institutions.

However, she clarified that it does not apply to government offices, ministries and agencies, including state-owned enterprises.

She noted that their goal is to ensure that residents and account holders take the initiative seriously and attempt to settle their principal debts within the stipulated time of this initiative to benefit.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency