Minister Pandor undertakes a working visit to Burundi

International Relations and Cooperation Minister, Dr Naledi Pandor, has undertaken a working visit to Burundi to co-chair an inaugural Burundi-South Africa Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC).
“The JCC will provide a platform for South African institutions to explore further cooperation with Burundi in existing and new areas,” the Department of International Relations and Cooperation said ahead of the 4 November 2022 session.
Pandor will be joined by her Burundi counterpart, Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation Minister, Ambassador Albert Shingiro.
According to the department, South Africa has identified several economic priorities. These include agriculture, food processing, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure development, oil and gas, energy, mining, waste management, packaging, and tourism.
South Africa’s relations with Burundi are sound and cordial and have improved since the establishment of official diplomatic ties on 23 June 1995.
Meanwhile, South Africa played a key role in the African Union (AU)-led Burundi Peace Process that resulted in the signing of the Arusha Peace Accords in 2000.
However, bilateral trade with Burundi remains low.
Data shows that major exports from South Africa to Burundi n 2021 amounted to R83 233 390 million. This included coal, petroleum and electricity, vehicles and accessories, beverages, spirits and vinegar, sugar and sugar confectionery, catalytic converters, computers and mechanical appliances and medical and photographic equipment.
In addition, exports from Burundi to South Africa in 2021 amounted to R7 730 580 million. They constitute coffee, tea, mate and spices, medical and photographic equipment, clothing, and accessories, knitted or crocheted, oil seeds and oleaginous fruits and footwear and gaiters.
The Minister is leading a delegation comprising senior official representatives from over 10 national departments, including the School of Government.

Source: South African Government News Agency