MEC Lenah Miga visits disaster-stricken Deelpan in Tswaing Local Municipality, 14 Mar

MEC for Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs, Lenah Miga will tomorrow, 14 March 2022, visit the flood-stricken Deelpan in Tswaing local municipality.

The area was affected by recent heavy torrential rains which led to a number of houses to be submerged in water, leaving most families stranded. The department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs through the Provincial Disaster Management Centre (PDMC) has established a task team comprising of officials from departments such as Education, Social Development, SASSA, Public Works and Roads, local traditional council, Ngaka Modiri Molema district and Tswaing local municipalities, to mobilise resources and to also provide humanitarian relief to stranded families.

The department of Social Development, SASSA and the district municipality have provided food parcels, blankets, mattresses and other humanitarian relief material. In the meantime, the department of Public Works and Roads is ready to deploy its yellow fleet once the ground is stable to avoid the machinery from sinking.

The situation there has also affected the movement of people which has also resulted in learners not being able to go to school, the situation is said to have also affected the nearby community of Witpan. Families from affected houses are accommodated in the local Gereformeerde Kerk and further needs assessments will be done once the water has subsided. The Department of Human Settlements and the Tswaing local municipality will look at the long term human settlements development issues. The SAPS has been activated to patrol at the emergency shelters.

Source: Government of South Africa