Macroeconomic Performance Shows Ethiopia Building Strong Economy that Withstands Challenges: Finance Minister

The nine-month macroeconomic performance of Ethiopia indicates that a robust economy that can withstand challenges is being built in the country, Finance Minister Ahmed Shide said.

The third quarter performance report of this Ethiopian Budget Year is being evaluated in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

On the occasion, the finance minister noted that Ethiopia’s economy has withstood many internal and external challenges, and is registering fast growth in Africa.

According to him, the country’s economy is showing strong growth performance and this has been confirmed and made official by even international development partners.

Better results were also registered in the performance of projects and the performance of public enterprises is also high, he added.

Ahmed further stated that better results have been recorded in implementing cost effective approaches that focused on basic development works.

In sum, the nine-month macroeconomic performance shows that a strong economy that can withstand challenges is being built.

Planning and Development Minister, Fitsum Asefa said on her part that the economy has recorded better growth, but the cost of living is still a big problem.

Although efforts are being exerted to control inflation, further efforts will be made to achieve the desired results, she added.

Despite the successful works carried out in various sectors, including agriculture in the past three years, the challenges faced internally and externally were tough, she recalled.

Finance Minister Ahmed Shide added that the ongoing work to arrest inflation will be strengthened by coping with internal and external challenges.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency