Invitation to Second Generation Diaspora Great Opportunity to Explore Ethiopia

The invitation made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to the second-generation foreigners of Ethiopian origin to visit their home country is vital to explore the vast existing opportunities in the country, a member of the House of People's Representatives (HPR), Mohammed Al-Arousi remarked. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has invited the second-generation foreigners of Ethiopian origin to come to Ethiopia in three-rounds since 30th December 2023 to the end of September 2024. The invitation is made to Ethiopian diaspora to reconnect with their ancestral root and contribute to the nation's vibrant growth. Envisioning to harness Ethiopia's immense tourism potentials to the benefit of the people, the premier reiterates that tourism development projects should be expanded throughout the country. Dine for Sheger' was PM's first initiative that brought grand parks making the capital the best tourist destination.Unity Park, Entoto Park, Friendship Park, Meskel Square project, Science Museum have become popular for both loc als and foreign tourists. Dine for Nation was the second tourism destination projects the premier initiated in Gorgora, Wonchi and Koysha located in Amhara, Oromia and South West Ethiopia regional states respectively. Ethiopia is one of the countries with large number of diaspora community in various parts of the world with a great deal of knowledge, skills and wealth. The second generation Ethiopian diaspora, who are born and live outside of their origin country, are believed to be large in number. Member of HPR and Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship of West Asian Countries, Mohammed Al-Arousi told the Ethiopian News Agency that the country has a great deal of opportunities of development and investment in addition to its world acclaimed culture, customs and tourism destinations. In this regard, it is vital to explore the vast existing opportunities in the country besides familiarizing the diaspora with the country's diverse cultures and customs, he added. He pointed out that Abiy's invitation i s generous, 'Come back to your countries to witness the Development and be part of it.' Mohammed added that the government is working to promote tourism in the country so that large crowds of Ethiopians will visit the country and spread seeds of love and solidarity. 'Come back to your homeland to discover your country's enormous wealth of tourist destinations that characterize the country,' he said. The country provides all its facilities to the distinguished Ethiopian diaspora who are also Ethiopia's ambassadors and martyrs at all its stages of development with all its challenges, developments and aspirations, he said. He added, 'We must work with the heart of one man for the sake of the country's renaissance, I recommend all Ethiopians in the diaspora to seize this opportunity and visit their homeland and explore the various opportunities within the country." The MP further said that the efforts are being made by the Ministry of Tourism and other pertinent bodies to tap national capacity, knowledge, ri ch history, and the tourism resources. Source: Ethiopian News Agency