Indonesia Will Share Its Best Experiences To Tourism Sector in Ethiopia: Indonesian Ambassador

Indonesia will share its best experiences to the tourism industry in Ethiopia to benefit from the sector, according to Indonesia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Indonesia's Ambassador to Ethiopia, Al Busyra Basnur said Ethiopia and Indonesia have huge potentials in tourism industry and sharing of experiences would help to benefit more from the sector.

The Ambassador noted that I focused on how Indonesians can share their experiences and best practices with their friends in Ethiopia, because every time goes to all regional states in Ethiopia, he witnesses the huge potential of tourism destinations in the country.

In its Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda and 10-year Development Plan, Ethiopia has identified the tourism sector as one of the next drivers of the national economy.

To this end, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has made milestones in the development of tourist cites, among which, the Sheger Project in Addis Ababa, can be mentioned.

Efforts are also being intensified to replicate the achievements made in tourist development projects in Addis Ababa to promote Ethiopia’s eco-tourism.

Over the week, it is noted that, the premier has inaugurated the Hallala Kella Resort, part of the ‘Dine for Nation’ of the Koysha project.

The ambassador reiterated that his country will continue to share the experiences with Ethiopia to benefit and develop the tourism sector.

Ambassador said “the good thing is that if you are talking about exchange visit —it is the tourist visit between Ethiopia and Indonesia. The good thing is that because we have the direct flight of Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa to Jakarta three times a week.”

The ambassador noted that he initiated programs between Indonesia and Ethiopia in many other sectors in economy, social and cultural that in the tourism sector.

I have seen so many Indonesian people coming to Ethiopia as tourists, the ambassador noted.

He stated that Ethiopia needs to promote its tourism potentials to make best use of the sector for the benefit of the country.

He underlined that Ethiopia, with a population of 120 million people, has to invite more tourists to visit the country.

He also expressed his country's desire to provide support and encourage tourism developments in Ethiopia.

In this regard, the ambassador invited friends from Ethiopia to visit Indonesia and witness how Indonesia develops the tourism sector.

“I will invite again, a number of Ethiopian friends, engage with the tourism sector to come to Indonesia to share their experiences with Indonesia and Indonesia expertise.”

The Indonesian Embassy has also plans to meet with relevant actors of tourism to discuss on ways promoting tourism.

Diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Indonesia started in 1961.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency