French Dev’t Agency, HRF Foundation Sign 5 Million Euro Grant

The French Development Agency, AFD, and the Hailemariam and Roman Foundation (HRF) have signed a 5-million-Euro grant agreement for a project to preserve Ethiopia’s Maze National Park and its watershed.

The project on the Preservation of Maze National Park (MzNP) and its Watershed in Ethiopia is envisaged to make the park a model of well-managed, functional national park which adequately renders social, economic, and ecological benefits to the local communities that have long been the guardians of this relatively intact park, it was learned.

The 5-year project is going to be implemented by the HR foundation with a total grant of 5 million Euro from AFD.

During the signing ceremony, French Ambassador Rémi Maréchaux pointed out the uniqueness of Ethiopian bio-diversity and emphasized “the comprehensive approach of the project that will support the conservation of bio-diversity in Maze National Park.”

He also stressed that it is necessary to improve the conditions of the surrounding communities and finally ensure sufficient water flow in Maze’s River for the benefits of the nature and the people.

Former Prime Minister and Chair of the HRF Board, Hailemariam Dessalegn, on his part stated that the bio-diversity stock of Ethiopia has been dwindling and most of the remnant bio-diversity resources are found only in peripheries that are designated as protected areas due to population pressure and climate change.

According to a joint press statement of the development agency and the foundation, the grant agreement signing ceremony paves the way for the formal commencement of the project in December 2023.

The grant was inked by Roman Tesfaye, former First Lady and CEO of the HRF, and Sonia Lioret, Deputy Director AFD; and co-signed by Ambassador Rémi Maréchaux.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency