Ethiopian Announces 10 Percent Cargo Discount to Support African Continental Free Trade Area

Ethiopian Airlines has made a 10-percent cargo discount effective this month in order to support and boost the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in the continent, the CEO said.

The CEO, Mesfin Tassew, told ENA that the airlines made the discount which will take effect in August, 2023 to support and boost the implementation of AfCFTA.

Further discount could also be introduced based on the market and agreement, if deemed necessary, he added.

Noting that airlines are enablers of people-to-people connectivity and economic integration, he stated that Ethiopian made the incentive to improve overall connectivity in Africa.

Mesfin pointed out that Ethiopian is a Pan-African carrier connecting the people of the whole African continent more than any other operating airline in Africa.

As the major aim of AfCFTA is to improve people-to-people connectivity and economic integration, African countries should make progress towards its effective implementation and increase intra-African trade in the continent, he said.

According to the CEO, the air transport among African countries is lagging behind both in terms of passenger and cargo transport when compared to the rest of the world.

It is when African countries allow the agreement for the movement of people and goods that social relations and trading activities will improve, he noted.

The air transport volume in Africa is still very low when compared to the rest of the world.

Ethiopian has been working with the belief that the airline is an African airline since the old days, the CEO pointed out, adding that the airline is doing this as a big continental responsibility.

“Therefore, we have to do our part so that the trade between African airlines, not only in people to people but also goods, grows. So we gave the incentive to facilitate and help this. We have given this special discount because we want to help the business community and governments. Depending on the situation, we may sometimes give further discount based on agreement.”

The Ethiopian Airlines Group, particularly through its unrivaled Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services network, provides a freight transport service to 60 plus destinations in Africa, it was learned.

More than half of the destinations are served with a mix of freighter aircraft, ensuring the safe and hasty transportation of goods within and beyond the continent, according to the CEO.

As a proud pan-African airline connecting the continent, Ethiopian Airlines Group has announced offers of special cargo rates boosting Inter-African trade.

Coupled with the active implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), seamless Air Cargo Service would present an opportunity for a range of businesses, including Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs).

Source: Ethiopian News Agency