Ethiopia, Tanzania Can Connect Africa via Southern African Power Pool: Tanzania Geothermal Company

Addis Ababa April 29/2023 ENA Ethiopia and Tanzania need to amplify the collaboration in energy sector to connect with the Southern African power pool to realize regional integration, Tanzania Geothermal Development Company General Manager said.

Tanzania Geothermal Development Company General Manager, Matthew Mwangomba told ENA that it is open secret that Tanzania and Ethiopia have enormous potential in renewable energy sector.

In Tanzania, he said, the long-term development agenda recognizes energy as a strategic sector for achieving growth for the social wellbeing of the population.

Ethiopia likewise has been undertaking comprehensive reforms to attract investment into its renewable energy sector.

Minister of Water and Energy, Habtamu Itefa recently affirmed that Ethiopia is desirous to connect to the entire region, starting from Ethiopia to South Africa through Tanzania.

Citing that there is a long history between Ethiopia and Tanzania, he said it is very important for Ethiopia and Tanzania to collaborate especially in the power sector.

“As we know, we have got a southern African power pool and this is the way we can connect our Africa, sub-Saharan Africa with power,” the General Manager elaborated.

Ethiopia is working for creating accessibility of electricity not only for its citizens but also connecting with neighboring countries as well.

Accordingly, Ethiopia will provide electric energy to South Sudan and Somalia in the near future as Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya are already getting electricity from the country.

“Without power, we cannot move in terms of development, so it is very important for the two countries to collaborate in energy sector especially in geothermal, hydropower and other sources of electricity.”

In Tanzania, he said “We have got a very nice enabling environment, we have the law like the PPP, we have got conducive environment”.

So, we encourage the two countries to work together, and moving forward regarding energy. Especially in the case of renewable energy, it is important to collaborate between these two countries.

On the business climate in Ethiopia, he said “we understand it is a very nice country, in terms of development, it is moving so fast. For me, Ethiopia has the enabling environment especially for energy sector.”

Recall that Ethiopia and Tanzania have held a two-day conference this week in collaboration with African Energy Now under the theme “Fast-tracking renewable energy investment in Ethiopia and Tanzania” in Addis Ababa.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency