Ethiopia, CGIAR Renew Commitment to Foster Partnership

The Minister of Agriculture Girma Amente and the Executive Managing Director of Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), Ismahane Elouafi discussed ways to strengthen collaboration.

During the meeting, the minister highlighted noteworthy advancements in Ethiopia’s agricultural sector, specifically mentioning the National Wheat Initiative, Green Legacy, and Yilemat Terufat.

He emphasized that the country’s strong political commitment and close collaboration with stakeholders illustrate Ethiopia’s unwavering resolve to address the critical issue of food security and establish an agricultural system that is sustainable and beneficial for all its citizens.

On the other hand, Ismahane Elouafi, the CGIAR Executive Managing Director, praised the progress and development initiatives in Ethiopia, acknowledging their role in the country’s development and contribution to the overall development partnership.

They also explored potential avenues for further support the initiatives, according
to Ministry of Agriculture.

They also renewed commitment to working together and fostering a strong partnership between CGIAR and Ethiopia.

Both parties expressed their optimism for the future, as they believe that their joint efforts will contribute to the overall development of the agricultural sector and improve the lives of Ethiopian farmers.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency