Employment and Labour on second day of Open Day campaign

Department of Employment and Labour Open Day and taking services to the people campaign on mission to assist many clients as possible in Polokwane

As the campaign enters its second day today, (26 January 2023), Director: Beneficiary Services in Limpopo - Vuledzani Mulindi said, officials are hard at work to assist as many clients as possible regarding Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) applications and processing claims for workers.

Officials are continuing with assisting clients who are flocking to Nirvana Hall to apply for UIF and Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease as well as registering work-seekers on the Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) database for possible employment opportunities.

Mulindi said: “yesterday, on the first day of the campaign we captured 347 claims but encountered challenges with UI-19 forms that were incorrectly filled”.

He said Department of Employment and Labour officials has since met with the Department of Basic Education’s Program Manager to come up with solutions towards ensuring that former teacher assistants around Limpopo are correctly declared for UIF.

The Department will announce in due course the Open Day sessions which will cover all the ten districts in the province.

“We are going to have an Open Day sessions meant for teacher assistants where Department of Basic Education will form part of, so they can rectify any challenges that will be experienced with regard to incorrectly filled UI-19 forms,” said Mulindi.

Mulindi raised a concern with a few number of employers who are attending the session.

“We are making a call to employers who couldn’t attend the session to utilise the u-Filling system to register employees for Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease, as well as Unemployment Insurance Fund,” said Mulindi.

He encouraged employers to not only register workers, but to also take further steps to pay contributions and declare workers on a monthly basis as required by law.

“It remains the responsibility of an employer after termination of the service of a worker to ensure that information of workers is updated on a monthly basis to show the current status and employment history. Failure to submit the declaration may cause delays with the processing of claims for unemployment or other benefits,” urged Mulindi.

The session is still underway today and will be ending on Friday 27th January 2023.

Source: Government of South Africa