Capricorn Foundation brings about positive change in education

WINDHOEK: The Capricorn Foundation has dedicated almost N.dollars 1.8 million in the last three months to various education and training initiatives, addressing infrastructure, providing study materials, personnel training and addressing rural-urban education gaps in Namibia.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation stated that as a ‘Connector of Positive Change’, the foundation is proud of its track record since it was launched in 2020 to bring about positive change through a portfolio of more than 40 projects and programmes across Namibia.

One of these, the Amos Meerkat Syllabus, enhances existing non-governmental preschools in Namibian farms and rural and informal communities without proper curricula. Aligned with Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture standards, AMS provides an updated Christian curriculum, preparing learners for Grade 1.

‘The programme empowers teachers to build their self-esteem, values and character. This initiative uplifts
and empowers women, helping them discover their worth and realise their role in communities, providing an income opportunity. AMS reaches over 4 000 children nationwide, with the Capricorn Foundation committing N.dollars 420 000 to support the initiative,’ Horn said.

EduVision Online Learning addresses rural-urban education gaps, enhancing mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics and biology education for remote marginalised schools through e-learning and modern technology. For 2024, Capricorn Foundation committed to adopting two schools, Pioneer Secondary School in Schlip and C ||Oaseb Senior Secondary School in Gibeon, with a total contribution of N.dollars 670 000 (N.dollars 335 000 per school) to improve online learning access.

Horn stated that DRC Women’s Community Trust ECD was founded in October 2018 as a non-profit initiative empowering unemployed Namibian women through arts and crafts. Fifteen to 20 women create and sell items using beads and recycled materials, providing income and cultural expr
ession. The foundation also committed N.dollars 75 000 for food support and stationery.

She added that Promiseland Trust drives positive community change, specifically for vulnerable children, addressing academic, social, economic and environmental challenges through education and feeding initiatives. The foundation, she said has allocated N.dollars 200 000 to support the Walvis Bay-based trust’s feeding programme, covering increased running costs for 2024.

Meanwhile, Karstveld Academy was established in Grootfontein in January 2021 and is committed to elevating Namibia’s educational standards through academic and cultural excellence. Capricorn Foundation committed N.dollars 409 200 to Karstveld Academy towards bursaries for six Grade 10 learners covering school and hostel fees, Horn noted.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency