Authority Secures Over 11 Million USD from Spices Export in EFY

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority announced that over 11 million USD has been secured from spices export in the concluded Ethiopian Fiscal Year (EFY).

Coffee, Tea and Spices CEO at the authority, Fikadu Adefris told ENA that due attention was given to spices development in the fiscal year.

As a result, over 790,000 tons of spice was produced by cultivating 443,859 hectares of land.

The 75,000 tons of spices production in the year has exceeded that of the previous year, and 11.6 million USD secured by exporting 6,693 tons of spices, he said.

Ethiopia exported its spices to Saudi Arabia, India, United Arab Emirates, Europe and other countries.

In order to increase the productivity of spices, guidelines and technology packages that enable to manage from seed to production levels have been prepared and implemented, he stated.

According to the CEO, the country plans to earn over 16 million USD by exporting 9,342 tons of spices in this fiscal year.

In Ethiopia, more than 1.5 million farmers are engaged in the production of spices.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency