Africa Cannot Afford to Miss Fourth Industrial Revolution: ECA Acting Executive Secretary

Addis Ababa April 29/2023 (ENA)Africa risks being left behind if it fails to adapt the Fourth Industrial Revolution by allocating the necessary investment, UNECA Acting Executive Secretary Antonio Pedro said.

Speaking with ENA on the sidelines of the National Girls in ICT Day Celebrations in Addis Ababa, Pedro noted that getting left behind is something that Africa cannot afford.

Africa cannot escape this digital transition, he stressed.

The continent has a possibility to provide access for 1.4 billion people and with the African Continental Free Trade Area we have to facilitate e-commerce to unlock the full potential of Africa, the acting executive secretary stated.

ECA facilitated the National Girls in ICT Day Celebrations in Addis Ababa under the theme “Digital Skills for Life” with the view to inspiring and encouraging girls between the ages of 12 and 25 to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology, mathematics (STEM).

According to Pedro, digital skills remains a key component for girls and young women to thrive in STEM careers and engage in the local digital ecosystem.

The one-day event brought together different stakeholders, including mentors, young women and girls to exchange their experiences and share knowledge around digital skills for life and address different topics related to digital skills such as mentorship, education, youth engagement, among others.

The knowledge sharing activities and exchange of experiences were meant to inspire the girls to engage and participate in ICT, pursue careers related to digital technologies, develop and strengthen their digital skills in order to leverage digital technologies and actively engage in the local digital ecosystem.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency