Works Underway to Strengthen Services Provisions in Amhara Regional Capital: Deputy Mayor

Activities are underway to strengthen service provisions by reinforcing the peace created in the Amhara regional capital by the state of emergency, Bahir Dar City First Deputy Mayor Dires Sahlu said.

Following the enforcement of the state of emergency, the Ethiopian Defense Force (ENDF) is coordinating with the inhabitants of Bahir Dar to maintain the peace restored in the city.

As a result, service providers have been giving normal service provision operations.

The City First Deputy Mayor said the city service-providing institutions, including transport and commercial activities have fully resumed work.

According to him, dialogue was held with community members of all Bahir Dar sub-cities to strengthen the peace created by the state of emergency.

He stated that further works will be carried out to strengthen peace in coordination with the community.

Pointing out that looting and vandalism had occurred due to the security problem in the city, especially in public service institutions, Dires said activities will be carried out to gradually rehabilitate damaged institutions.

A detailed survey on the damage caused on the city will be conducted and made public, he added.

Recall that cities and areas which faced security problems in the Amhara region have returned to a peaceful situation after the ENDF took action based on the law.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency