Women Rep Appeals To Media Personnel To Be Impartial In Their Work

Isiolo Women Representative Ms. Mumina Bonaya has challenged the media workers to remain impartial and objectively inform the public without taking sides.

Bonaya lauded the local journalists for being at the frontline to impart accurate information on the public and private sector and especially where there are drought intervention and development affairs.

‘I exceptionally praise journalists from Isiolo for being vibrant in highlighting the drought situations and intervention as well as development agenda by the National and County governments together with the non-government organizations,’ the women MP observed.

Speaking to journalists in Isiolo town Wednesday, Bonaya said that her office had allocated Sh. 1.2 million to be shared among 250 students who hail from poor families this financial year.

She said that her office would make public the list of all the beneficiaries of the National Government Affirmative Action funds (NGAAF) allocated to the students this year and urged the media to educate wananchi on the role her office is supposed to play in the society within the County.

Bonaya said that looming drought had made the local people poorer forcing them to turn to beggars in towns after their animals, which is the main source of income, were wiped by famine.

She asked the youth from the area to change their attitude on education, calling upon them to work hard and compete effectively with the others from other parts of the country and get the opportunity to enjoy the national cake alongside others.

The legislator advised those who do not succeed and transition to university education to consider joining village polytechnics and other technical colleges so as to acquire skills that could give them an edge over others in job markets across the country.

The Women Rep added that most local employers had been acquiring expertise from the neighbouring counties since the youth from the area lacked the required skills that were being offered by the numerous TVET institutions that are near them and far.

Bonaya directed the committees responsible for short-listing the beneficiaries of the government bursaries offered through the NG-CDF, NGAAF, County government, Children’s Office and NGOs who support poor children.

She said that her office would give priority to orphans, people with disabilities (PWD), and the well constituted women groups and the youth.

Source: Kenya News Agency