UPDATE: Police are investigating an alleged assault at a resort

After police were called to a crime scene where two boys were seen on the video attacked and assaulted, there are some new developments in the matter.
On 25 December 2022 at about 15:03, Glen SAPS members were called to a scene which took place at a holiday resort in Bloemfontein.
On arrival members found the groups involved already dispersed and were approached by a parent to one of the victims who alleged that his two teenage boys aged 18 and 13 were assaulted by a group of white males over the usage of a swimming pool.
Given this first information of crime which was received by the police at that time, the only charges which could be registered were assault common and Crimean Injuria. We want to put it on record that the police never downgraded any crime but worked and were informed by first statement as obtained from the complainant. That was not the end of our investigation, hence the investigator continued to obtained more statements before the docket can be placed before the senior state prosecutor to give further directives as the one having such muscles to decide if after obtaining these additional statements a charge can be changed.
It was after obtaining these statements, the docket was presented to the senior state prosecutor who gave a directive that a charge can be changed to attempted murder given additional facts.
The approach of the investigator in this regard as it’s the mandate of the police was to investigate in order to arrest and not to arrest and investigate thereafter. The docket was received back from the senior state prosecutor with clear directives, the investigator is now working on these directives and we anticipate that the perpetrator or perpetrators will within no time be brought before a court of law to account on this incident.

Source: South African Police Service