UNHCHR Expresses Appreciation for Pretoria Peace Agreement, Supports Efforts to Sustain Peace

Deputy Prime Minister Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen received at his office today United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), Volker Turk.

The two officials conferred on how to collaborate and coordinate efforts on matters pertaining to transitional justice, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke explained the various measures undertaken by the Government of Ethiopia to consolidate peace and stability.

He said that an interim administration has been established in Tigray region and that that rehabilitation efforts have already begun.

Demeke added that Ethiopia’s hosting of the recognition event last week by itself was a message that steps are being taken to advance peace and that efforts are being made to build trust between conflict-affected regions.

He also reaffirmed the Government’s efforts towards ensuring accountability and transitional justice and thus established an Inter-Ministerial Taskforce.

The High Commissioner expressed his appreciation for the Pretoria peace agreement and underscored that his office is ready to work in collaboration with the Government of Ethiopia and will support efforts to sustain peace.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency