Tigray to Return to Various National Sport Competitions

Tigray Interim Administration’s Sports Commission announced that the region will return to participating in various national sports competitions.

Tigray Interim Administration’s Sport Commission Commissioner, Teklay Fikadu told ENA Tigray did not participate in various national sports for the last two years due to the conflict.

Following the peace agreement between the federal government and TPLF, works are underway to regain the region’s prewar sport development.

In this regard, Teklay stated that rehabilitating and reorganizing activities have already started through discussing with pertinent stakeholders.

Fruitful discussions had been conducted with the leadership of Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF); he pointed out, and added that the EAF has provided some support.

According to him, consensus has already been reached for the region to partake in the 52nd Ethiopian Athletics Championship.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency