Three suspects arrested for armed robbery and possession of unlicensed firearm

The pastor and his wife were robbed at gun point and preliminary investigation by Thabong Task Team led to three suspects arrested.

On 16 February 2022 at about 06:46, the pastor and his wife were at the church premises situated at Oppenheimer Shopping Complex in Thabong. Apparently suspect entered the church premises and pointed them with a firearm. The couple fought back and the suspect grabbed a laptop and ran away.

The pastor chased the suspect, until the suspect dropped the laptop, bag, Adidas sweater and a mask next to one of the house in Oppenheimer Park Thabong. These items were seized by Police as exhibits. Then the Pastor picked up the laptop and reported the incident to Thabong Police Station.

Thabong Task Team followed the complaint at a house where the suspect resides after a thorough investigation.

A Suspect was found and a request was made to search his premises and nothing was found in the house. During the interrogation, he led the Task Team members to another house in the same vicinity of Oppenheimer Park. Two males were found and a request was made to search and while members were busy searching, a revolver handgun with no ammunition was found behind the shack in the same yard of the premises.

The first suspect aged 34 years old was arrested for Business Robbery and the two suspects aged 30 and 34 years old are facing possession of unlicensed firearm. The three suspects will appear soon in Welkom Magistrate Court.

“My appreciation also goes to residents of Oppenheimer Park who assisted the Police, and the hard work of these team members.” says the District Commissioner of Lejweleputswa, Maj Gen Lerato Molale.

Source: South African Police Service