The Sudanese People Have Enough Wisdom, Ability To Solve their Current Crisis: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopia has a firm belief that the proud Sudanese people have enough wisdom and ability to overcome the problems they are facing, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wrote on his Facebook Page.

It is well known that the brotherly Sudanese people, throughout their ancient history, are a proud people who love their independence, adhere to their freedom, and that they never negotiate over their national pride and dignity, he said. He mentioned the fraternity and social cohesion that the Sudanese people share with the Ethiopian people, among others, abundant generosity and good hospitality.

The Sudanese people have enough wisdom and ability to solve the current crisis facing the country, the premier noted, stating that outside forces should refrain from interfering in the affairs of the Sudanese people. Abiy added that any hidden attempts and motives to destroy the country's capabilities will inevitably be condemned in the course of history.

The desire of the Ethiopian Government and people is to see that the Sudanese people solve their own problems with the wisdom they are accustomed to, Prime Minister Abiy affirmed. He reaffirmed once again saying we are always with the public interest of Sudan and its people, and strongly condemn all attempts that seek to interfere in Sudanese affairs through illegal means, which will be condemned before history.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency