Swakopmund and Oranjemund local authorities sign MoU

The Swakopmund Municipality and Oranjemund Town Council have signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in various areas of development.

The MoU, which was signed at Swakopmund on Thursday, will see cooperation in the areas of tourism and investment promotion, waste and environmental health management and town planning, among others.

Both parties have acquainted themselves with the needs, challenges, strengths and opportunities in the two local authorities.

Additionally, the agreement will develop cooperation through the exchange of information and the setting up of a cooperation programme, as well as to facilitate the establishment of cooperation between the respective businesses in the local authorities.

Speaking at the ceremony, alternate Chairperson of the Swakopmund Town Council's Management Committee, Blasius !Goraseb, noted that municipalities are the building blocks of a successful society and cooperation between them is essential for tackling the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

“Cities and towns must work together to develop innovative solutions to common problems, such as housing availability, transportation, public safety, environmental sustainability, and above all, alcohol and substance abuse issues. We are eager to learn from other municipalities, tried and tested programmes and solutions for substance abuses and by pooling resources and expertise. I believe these two municipalities can create synergies that are mutually beneficial,” he said.

Chairperson of the Oranjemund Town Council’s Management Committee, Guame Stephanus, cemented !Goraseb’s sentiments, adding that agreements such as the one signed should not be taken lightly but rather be put into effect as soon as possible.

“We both have so much to learn from one another as local authorities. Therefore, my counterparts and I will definitely ensure that this agreement comes into effect as soon as possible,” Stephanus noted.

Swakopmund Mayor, Dina Namubes, highlighted the importance for municipalities and town councils to collaborate as she believes this is essential in improving and delivering quality services for residents.

“I am also aware of how comparable the problems our towns are faced with are, particularly the housing issue, the town’s development and the restoration of human dignity. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we cooperate and cross-subsidise knowledge, skills and expertise to combat challenges.”

Source: The Namibian Press Agency