Street Iftra Party Held in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Muslims gathered today in the streets of Addis Ababa for the Third Grand Iftra Party.

The ceremony was held under the theme: “Iftar for our compatriots.”

Addressing the gathering, Ethiopian Islamic Supreme Council President Sheikh Haji Ibrahim Tufa called on the Muslim community to continue standing by the needy people as usual.

“When we host this dinner party, it should be by thinking and helping our hungry people, those who are in need and displaced from their homes for various reasons,” he said.

The Muslim community should also continue with its efforts to help the displaced due to shortage of rainfall and other reasons, the president added.

Today’s Iftar in the street is aimed at strengthening unity and solidarity as well as peace and love, the president stressed.

Street Iftar Organizing Committee Chairperson Faisal Kemal said on his part that the benefit of the program is to shows unity, togetherness, and peace.

According to him, the event was prepared with the aim of creating bondage, share food, strengthen mutual ties and unity and demonstrate the power of unity to the country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency