Springbok Stock Theft and Endangered Species Unit and Provincial Corporate Communication receives award from SA Hunters Association

NORTHERN CAPE - Efforts by the Springbok Stock Theft and Endangered species unit as well as police stations within the Namaqua District as well as the Provincial Corporate Communication and including external role-players such as AGRI Northern Cape and the local farming community, were rewarded and appreciated during an Awards Ceremony that was held recently at the Okiep hotel in Springbok.

The SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association awarded certificates of appreciation to various role-players who are actively involved in the protection, prosecution of perpetrators, the prevention and the combating of illegal poaching of protected plants in the Namaqua District.

Members from various Departments, institutions and Associations were awarded for their relentless efforts and contributions made thus far.

The poaching of succulents in the Namaqua area had become a concern to SAPS, hence the concerted efforts by the multi-disciplinary team to address this crime.

Awareness campaigns are on-going, making the local communities aware of the value of the plants in nature and the disassociation that is caused when illegally removing the plants from nature. As well as the consequences when caught in possession of protected plants.

Awareness campaigns and disruptive actions will continue unabatedly in an effort to protect the fauna and flora of the Northern Cape.

Source: South African Police Service