Special Discount Offers of Ethiopian Encourage Second Generation Ethiopians Homecoming

Addis Ababa: The 15 to 20 percent discounts on airfare and hotel accommodation made for the Second-generation Ethiopian diaspora has encouraged the home coming of the diaspora, according to Ethiopian Commercial Chief Lema Yadecha. In his presser today, the chief stated that the airline has been offering 15 to 20 percent discount on both airfare and accommodation at Skylight Hotel for second-generation Ethiopians returning to their homeland since December, 2023. In addition to airfare and accommodation discounts, the airline has organized a one-day free sightseeing tours in Addis Ababa for the first 100 persons, it was learned. "The 15 to 20 discounts on travel and accommodation at Skylight Hotel have significantly encouraged the second-generation Ethiopians to come to Ethiopia," Lema said adding that the first 100 second-generation Ethiopians will also be offered one-day free tour. Ethiopians in the Diaspora, particularly those who born and raised abroad, were invited by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to come to their origin to reconnect with their heritage. The discounts cater to the needs and interests of the second-generation Ethiopians, enabling them to experience their cultural heritage with ease and affordability. Source: Ethiopian News Agency