Society Striving to Enhance Awareness, Trained Manpower in Field of Space Science in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Space Science Society stated that it has been contributing its part in promoting the awareness about space science and enhancing professionals in the field.

The Ethiopian Space Science Society held its 18th General Assembly today in the presence of board members and administrative bodies from various universities.

Board Chairperson of the Society Mesenbet Shenkute explained about the 18 years journey of the society and presented scientific explanations.

The Chairperson also discussed about the performance of the society during the current fiscal year including the encouraging achievements and challenges.

In her explanations, she pointed out that the society is working focusing on education and capacity building activities to create awareness in the field of space science.

Mesenbet also said that efforts are being made to enhance the understanding of the field by providing aerospace related training in order to enhance scientific excellence.

The chairperson mentioned that the society is also working to improve the country's human resources in the field space science by facilitating scholarship opportunities abroad.

According to Mesenbet, the society will exert efforts to create a prosperous space science community that will shape the future of Ethiopia through space technology development.

Manager of the Ethiopian Space Science Society, Biruk Terefe, said on his part that efforts are being made to promote space science and technology in the country.

Training is being provided to increase the awareness of space science and technology, in particular, he said.

Ethiopian space science society was established in 2004, with 47 founding members.

It is a non-profitable organization constitute of members from Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Science and technology, and the related field of professionals as well as individual , and institutional members interested in the above fields.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency