Smart Communication Rooms Built with 798 USD in Five Federal Institutions Become Operational

Five smart communication service rooms built by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology at a cost of 798,000 USD in five federal government institutions have become operational today.

Innovation and Technology State Minister Huria Ali, Education State Minister Samuel Kifle and other officials of federal institutions inaugurated the smart communication rooms.

The Smart communication rooms were developed for ministers of Innovation and Technology, Education and Finance as well as Ethiopian Communication Authority and the National Identity Office.

The construction of the smart communication service rooms will enable the employees of the federal institutions to hold work meetings, take training and share ideas from anywhere.

Innovation and Technology State Minister Huria Ali mentioned that the construction of such smart communication rooms has a significant role in reducing the cost of the government and the institutions can establish fast communication with various institutions.

The smart communication rooms will be built for a total of 20 institutions in 11 regions and two city administrations as well as seven federal institutions.

Education State Minister, Samuel Kifle said the use of smart communication rooms will save working hours of the government, help to monitor the progress of the works carried out by the institutions and to discuss with the employees.

The government has been digitizing services in all institutions.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency